Votes of youth will be bedrock of New India: PM

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the youth of the nation to contribute in the making of a New India.

Speaking about the change in the Haj rules, he said, "It had come to our notice that if a Muslim woman wants to go on Haj, she must have a "Mehram" or a male guardian, otherwise she can not travel, it was discriminatory, we have changed this rule and this year around 1300 women applied to go without a male guardian".

- Recently I came to know of the inspiring story of Anjum Bashir Khan Khattak, he extricated from sting of terrorism and hatred and topped in Kashmir Administrative Examination, today he is an inspiration not only for J&K but India. Vibodh also thanked PM for his great idea of running a mock Parliament in Delhi in 2018 for which youth from each district of the country will participate.

"It had come to our notice that if a Muslim woman wants to go for Haj, she must have a "Mehram" or a male guardian, otherwise she can not travel".

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The PM said that "Swachh Survekshan 2018" will be carried out from January 4 to March 10 next year to evaluate the cleanliness of India's urban areas. In his remarks related to the decision of the central Government for allowing the single Muslim women to perform Haj, Vibodh said that this is one more step towards women empowerment in the country. Terrorism and violence were so widespread there that his family had to leave their ancestral land and flee from there. He chose a different path for himself - a path of serving the people.

He also recalled his meeting with young girls from the state and said he was amazed at the spirit they had and the enthusiasm in their hearts and the dreams they nurtured. "You too can be the makers of 21st century India and this opportunity comes into being, very specially, on the 1st of January", he said.

In the speech, Prime Minister Modi also highlighted the contribution of Bengalis in various fields and said, "It is a matter of pride for India that Bengal has given the best scientists to the world". Such a thing has never happened before in the history of India. ASEAN completed its 50 years of formation in 2017 and in 2017, 25 years of India's partnership with ASEAN was completed.