More flu-related deaths reported in Dallas County

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In addition to getting the flu vaccine, practicing good hygiene such as washing hands, covering one's cough, and staying home when sick can prevent those around you from becoming ill.

DHHS did not release the child's hometown, county or gender to protect the family's privacy. Eleven adults have died in our state.

FLU SYMPTOMS: fever, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, headache, muscle aches, and extreme fatigue.

The vaccine for the A H3N2 is predicted by the Centers for Disease Control is about 35 percent effective and efficacy of the other three strains is expected to be higher.

Moreno recommends that all individuals six months of age and older be vaccinated against influenza.

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With confirmed flu cases continuing to climb in Greene County, our local healthcare community has opted to implement visitor restrictions to hospital facilities in the area.

"Patients are recovering from surgery and various illnesses, so we can not risk subjecting them to the flu and other cold viruses", said Lisa Klaustermeier, Chief Nursing Officer at Anderson Hospital. In the past, A virus-predominant influenza seasons have been associated with more hospitalizations and deaths in persons aged 65 years and older and young children compared to other age groups. Individuals should discuss flu vaccine concerns with a health care provider.

The effectiveness of vaccines varies from year to year, but recent CDC studies show that vaccination reduces the risk of catching the illness by 40 to 60 percent when the circulating virus is matched closely to the vaccine virus.

Another tip is for people to wash their hands with soap and water before touching their eyes, nose or mouth where the virus thrives, according to the CDC. The flu has reached epidemic proportions in seven of the 10 regions of the country, Lynnette Brammer, an epidemiologist in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's influenza division, said. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if not near a sink.