Nintendo is delaying the Switch's 64GB game cards

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This is an interesting development for Switch fans, but it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that the console has been such a smash hit for Nintendo.

ant2506 / PixabayWhat's the need for 64GB Nintendo Switch cartridges? What that means for Switch owners is reduced load times and they also don't have to suffer from installing loads of data.That does come with a setback though, game developers, especially the ones located in the USA need much more capacity for their data heavy games.

According to a journalist called Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ, the reason given is technical issues. The next generation of Switch games are going to be larger, not smaller, so one of three things could happen. Video games such as Splatoon 2 have managed to sell 1,292,281 units, Super Mario Odyssey has placed 1,292,281 copies and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, has managed to do the same with 1,045,438 copies. Unfortunately, it'll have to wait. Currently, users can play games on the Switch by purchasing physical cartridges, or downloading the games on the Switch. On top of all this, you have users fretting over their memory usage and having to shell out more cash for upgrades.

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"If a publisher wants to put a game on a 32GB cart on Switch it costs 60 percent more for them then it would for a 50GB Blu-Ray on PS4/Xbox One", tweeted games analyst Daniel Ahmad.

The Wall Street Journal's source told them that some software makers, particularly USA -based publishers making data-heavy games, were disappointed. It's highly unlikely - carts are expensive little pieces of hardware, unlike discs, and the ability to download really does solve the problem, even if you might have to clear out a few old games to make space for the new. Nintendo has plans for 64GB cartridges, but their roll out has been delayed to 2019.