Watch the supersonic Bloodhound SCC's first public test-drive live

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The Bloodhound 1,000mph supersonic racing auto during its first public run at Cornwall Airport, near Newquay. The team behind the vehicle say it is part fighter jet, part Formula One auto and part spaceship. According to the Bloodhound team, the auto accelerated from 0-200 miles per hour in around eight seconds, generating 2g of force, and making a hell of a lot of a noise.

The test runs took place at Newquay Airport in Cornwall, southwest England. "It felt like about eight seconds, which was what we were expecting".

It is fitted with an EJ200 jet engine, sourced from a Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. The ultimate aim is not just to break the 20-year-old land speed record that RAF Wing Commander Andy Green set in Thrust SSC, but rather to smash it by surging past 1,000mph when the auto makes its official land speed record attempt in South Africa some time in 2018.

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They are in the record-breaking business not just to change the number, but to inspire a generation of engineers who will keep Britain at the forefront of technology for decades to come.

Green was the first man to break the sound barrier in a vehicle in 1997, when he hit 763.035 in the Thrust SSC. For the initial record attempt, the Bloodhound will use a single monopropellant rocket which can produce around 40kN of thrust. Next year Bloodhound will be taken overseas to an unrevealed desert location where higher speeds can be attempted - between 650 and 800 miles per hour - and the rocket motor tested.

"We came to show the world Bloodhound is go", says Bloodhound supersonic vehicle (SCC) driver Andy Green. "I think there are a lot of smiling faces here". They intend to push automotive design to the limits of what our knowledge and materials can achieve - and if in the process they push the speed goalposts so far over the horizon that the Union Flag will fly forever over the record, then that's only right. "This is a proper fast vehicle".