George Clooney says Amal has faced "situations" of sexual harassment at work

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Ben told me...but I knew that...they had come to whatever, you know, agreement or understand that they had come to, she had handled it. He was proud of that.

"So people say, 'everybody knew, ' like, yeah I knew", Damon clarified on Monday. "I knew he was a womanizer...but this level of criminal sexual predation is not something that I ever thought was going on".

Damon said that you could tell nearly immediately that Weinstein was a bully upon meeting him.

"Like could you survive a meeting with Harvey. I've been reading these stories, because I am racking my brain, did I see something, did I know something, is there something I could have done?" "I didn't really necessarily believe that because to believe that would believe bad things about actresses that I know and like, and I didn't really buy into that", he recalled.

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The Oscar-winner said that problems of sexual assault and abuse aren't just confined to the film industry, telling ET while promoting new movie Suburbicon: "She's [Amal] faced those exact kinds of situations in law". Waxman got calls from Damon and Russell Crowe personally to tube a story that tied Fabrizio Lombardo, then heading Miramax's Italian unit, to Weinstein's sexual appetite and about a payoff to a woman who had accused Weinstein of non-consensual sexual behavior. He was signed to a three-picture deal with Miramax quickly after that but immediately knew that Weinstein wasn't someone he wanted to cross paths with again. "And clearly they didn't", he added.

Damon did, however, confirm that he knew Gwyneth Paltrow's story.

Many big Hollywood names have reacted to the news of Harvey Weinstein's alleged serial sexual misconduct with shock and horror, claiming they had no knowledge of the decades of harassment and assault, including rape, claimed by the producer's many accusers. Damon stated that he heard of the encounter, but never spoke to Paltrow about it at the time. "But I was working with Gwyneth with Harvey on 'Ripley.' I never talked to Gwyneth about it". "You're not going to be with them when they have to make a lot of these decisions". He also said that men who sexually harass people should know that it won't be tolerated and that they "will be outed". Clooney said it was "infuriating" for him to read stories about reporters who investigated the scandal.