Apple finds a new enterprise partner in GE

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Predix is an IoT operating system that GE introduced past year, similar in function to a phone or laptop operating system but able to manage much higher volumes of data ("hyperscale") from multiple sources, securely.

Shares of Apple on Nasdaq were trading down 2.45 percent to $155.77 as of 3pm BST Thursday afternoon. Again, these rumors weren't backed up by any hard statistical evidence from Apple - but they all serve as fuel to the fire for those who are damning the iPhone 8's release as a failure.

According to a new report published by Reuters, more people in the USA are buying the 2016 Apple iPhone 7 as compared to the new iPhone 8, which was unveiled in September.

A recent report by KeyBanc Capital Analyst John Vinh said Apple's older iPhone 7 models are outselling the iPhone 8 ahead of the early November debut of the premium iPhone X.

Shipments of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in November and December are expected to be slashed from 10 million to 12 million to five million to six million units per month. Meanwhile, an optimistic report this week from research firm Gartner said the iPhone X will help increase smartphone sales in 2018.

United States withdraws from UNESCO
The US withdrawal was also motivated by a desire to stop accruing arrears to the agency, Foreign Policy magazine reported . The United Nation's education, cultural and scientific agency has passed several resolutions against Israel.

A picture paints a thousand words, or so the maxim goes, but in the case of the iPhone X its paints an ugly picture of Apple's previous smartphones.

Despite having the fastest processor and best camera ever put into an iPhone, plus featuring wireless charging for the first time, the iPhone 8 hasn't been getting consumers into stores at the rate Apple is accustomed to. "Apple's lower iPhone 8 pricing should limit the impact, but it remains a risk".

Plus, the shadow of the looming iPhone X appears to be tamping down interest in the iPhone 8.

"The Street is hyper-sensitive to any speed bumps around this next iPhone cycle and (that) speaks to the knee-jerk reaction we are seeing in shares", said Daniel Ives, chief strategy officer at research house GBH Insights in NY. The iPhone X, with its edge-to-edge screen and new form factor, is the new flagship phone from the company.

While that might be the biggest selling point for the Apple iPhone X, it looks like it might be the thing dragging it down as well.