ZTE's foldable Axon M smartphone debuts with two displays

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Spec-wise, the ZTE Axon M is a bit of an odd duck. The Axon M has not one but two 5.2-inch, 1080p displays with a hinge in the middle allowing the phone to be unfolded into one massive display.

The ZTE Axon M is a foldable smartphone that uses two displays that measure 5.2-inches each.

The Axon M's Extend Mode combines the two screens into one virtual space, allowing you to have a larger Android home screen or multitask: for instance, watching a video on one screen while typing on the other.

ZTE will work with developers to help optimize applications for this new evolution of dual screen smartphones. Because two screens are better than one! The gadget can be used with four different modes and spread out in any direction, transforming into a tablet with a screen diagonal of 6.75 inches. You can also keep the second screen folded back so the phone can be used like normal.

The device ships with Android 7.1 Nougat, and Android's split-screen capabilities let it do some interesting things with the two screens. The company has just launched Axon M that comes with dual screen.

Packing two displays and last year's high-end processor, battery life is going to be a major concern. Apps will sense tablet mode with this option but there is the dividing bezel between the screens, of course, which might prove distracting.

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ZTE's gone ahead and launched a fully-functioning foldable phone called the Axon M into the world, in advance of rivals like Samsung and LG which have been working on similar technology.

Under the hood, the Axon M does not bring anything out of the ordinary and is powered by a generation old Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC paired with 4GB of RAM. The phone features only one camera as it is foldable device. The phone offers 64GB of Internal Storage memory.

AT&T will be exclusively selling the ZTE Axon M in the United States next month, and the device will eventually be available in China, Europe, and Japan.

Because of its unique design that employs a hinge to fold the phone's body, the phone uses a single 20 Megapixel sensor as the front and back camera.

ZTE announced the Axon M amid hints that competitors are gearing up to also release foldable devices.

You may think that this kind of smartphone would need the latest and greatest specifications to power that screen but it doesn't. The smartphone will eventually make its way to Japan, China and Europe.