Senate Intelligence Committee Interim Report: Russians Interfered in 2016 Elections

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Twitter said last week that it shared advertisements from 2016 aimed toward the USA market from three RT accounts with staff members on both the House and Senate Intelligence committees. Kaplan said the company would require more documentation from advertisers who want to run advertisements related to the U.S. election.

The Intelligence Committee also has "reached a logical end" to its pursuit of information about Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey. The company had already turned over the ads to the special counsel Robert Mueller. Burr said they still don't know who commissioned the dossier or who Steele's sources are.

The investigation has so far featured dozens of interviews and thousands of pages of transcripts, he said.

On the dossier created by former British spy Christopher Steele, the senators said they have hit a wall in their attempt to authenticate the truthfulness of the document or its findings.

"The 2016 U.S. election was the first where evidence has been widely reported that foreign actors sought to exploit the internet to influence voter behavior", Schrage wrote.

"Future witnesses that we might ask to come in the future, I strongly suggest you come in and speak with us", Burr said.

Mr Burr said the panel has confirmed the findings of USA intelligence agencies - that Russian Federation had interfered in the election - but that one portion of the investigation has not yet closed.

Burr said the staff agrees with the conclusions of the intelligence reports that Russian Federation actively interfered in the election with the objective of trying to hurt Hillary Clinton and help President Trump.

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Burr said the committee's examination of the memos of former FBI Director James Comey "has reached a logical end as it relates to the Russian Federation investigation", indicating the committee didn't plan to delve further into the question of obstruction of justice, something Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating.

"I was concerned at first that some of these social media platform companies did not take this threat seriously enough", Warner said "I believe they are taking it seriously now". Mark Warner, D-Virginia, asserted that they won't discuss their committee's specific initial Russian Federation investigation findings, they said that the results thus far have caused the inquiry to expand "slightly". "If we use exclusively the social media advertising that we've seen, there is no way that you can look at that and say that that was to help the right side of the ideological chart and not the left, or vice versa", North Carolina Sen.

Facebook has handed over 3,000 ads that are believed to have been linked to a shadowy Russian entity called the Internet Research Agency, and Facebook staff have been interviewed by committee staff.

Russia Today, the Kremlin-backed television network, spent $274,000 on more than 1,800 tweets on Twitter's network that "definitely or potentially targeted the USA market" during the 2016 presidential campaign, Twitter officials have also said.

The same day it gave to the Senate Intelligence Committee more than 3,000 ads that it said likely operated out of Russian Federation and pushed divisive issues during the campaign.

Also questioned were senior executives of social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, which displayed numerous Russian-supported advertisements that were meant to exacerbate divisions among voters on hot-button issues before the election.

"Russian active measure efforts did not end on Election Day 2016, and were not only geared at the United States of America", Warner said, listing possible interference in France, the Netherlands and Germany.