Star Wars: Battlefront 2: New maps and modes detailed

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Starting off with raw numbers, it claims that Battlefront 2 has treble the number of locations, heroes, and vehicles compared to the first game.

Prequel-era maps that will be part of "Battlefront 2" are Kamino, Kashyyyk and Theed, while the Original Trilogy-era maps are Death Star II, Endor, Mos Eisley, Yavin 4 and Hoth. It will feature more heroes and villains, vehicles, planets, a campaign mode and space battles.

Also revealed in the trailer is the new Arcade mode, which essentially replaces the rather lackluster "Missions" from DICE's first Battlefront. According to him, we're all in for a blast since, "this is a Star Wars experience like none other".

"In the full release, you'll be able to bring the Star Cards, weapons, and unlocked abilities from multiplayer with you into Arcade". You'll also have the opportunity to play a number of Battle Scenarios - specially orchestrated Arcade matches that you'll be able to face either alone or, in the console version of the game, with a friend.

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In, Arcade Mode, players can tweak such things as difficulty and trooper classes used by AI, allowing more freedom to hone their skills. The beta will open up to the public two days later on October 6, and conclude on October 9. That and this new Battlefront 2 actually looks worth a damn.

In more news, EA detailed the PC system requirements of the #Open Beta prior to release in October.

Star Wars Battlefront II arrives November 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

EA, a company willing to level with you about the deficiencies of last year's sports games when it is time to sell you this year's, is coming clean about the inadequacies of 2015's Star Wars Battlefront.