Visualizing the influx of Rohingya refugees

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When the Ministry of Home Affairs files on Monday in the Supreme Court its response to the apex court's notice on a petition challenging the ministry's deportation order of Rohingyas from India, BJP leaders do not see any scope for dilution of the Government stand.

There is a procedure to get refugee status and none of them followed this procedure.

More recently, the Myanmar military has justified attacks on civilians based on the fact Rohingya militants targeted police outposts and killed roughly a dozen members of security forces.

The government told Parliament on August 9 that more than 14,000 Rohingyas, registered with the UNHCR, stay in India.

"We will plead the case of 40,000 Rohingyas on humanitarian ground".

According to NHRC, its "intervention is appropriate" from the human rights angle.

Van Thio said the government was concerned by reports that Muslims were continuing to cross into Bangladesh even though there had been no armed clashes since September 5th and added: "We would need to find out the reason for this exodus". Ten others were injured and are receiving treatment.

Any sovereign country, the minister said, was free to take a decision on what kind of action it should take against illegal immigrants.

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Noting that India is not violating any global law in deporting Rohingyas, he said that the country is not a signatory to the UN Refugees Convention 1951.

He also referred to Myanmar state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi's statement two days ago that her country would resettle some of the refugees.

The activists said their accounts are frequently being suspended or taken down and hoped that the social media giant would let them speak the truth.

"No Rohingya has sought asylum in India and we can not question their deportation by raising human rights concerns".

Myanmar was also working hard to enhance relations with Bangladesh and would welcome a visit by its home minister to discuss cooperation on border security, Van Thio said.

Rohingya seeking to escape persecution in Buddhist-majority Myanmar have been trafficked or smuggled by road and sea to places like Thailand and Malaysia in the past.

Rights monitors and fleeing Rohingya say the army and Rakhine Buddhist vigilantes responded with violence and arson aimed at driving out the Muslim population. "Recently, Burmese security forces responded to militant attacks on government outposts with bad savagery, burning villages, driving the Rohingya from their homes; the images of the violence and its victims have shocked the American people and decent people all over the world".