"Potentially catastrophic" Hurricane Maria set to strike Puerto Rico

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A San Antonio businesswoman is back from Puerto Rico after hunkering down with family during Hurricane Irma.

Puerto Rican authorities have warned residents to "evacuate or die", with just hours to go before Hurricane Maria tears through the island with winds up to 175mph.

Hurricane Maria is pushing on toward the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Tuesday as the second top-strength storm to lash the Caribbean this month. It said a hurricane warning is in effect for the United States and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and parts of the Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Bahamas.

Before hitting Puerto Rico, Maria was supposed to lash the US Virgin Islands, creating waves of up to 25 feet on St. Croix.

Video footage released by the Guadeloupe prefecture showed tree-bending winds whipping through deserted streets and shaking lamp posts when the storm first hit.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday night to say, "Be careful, our hearts are with you".

A new major hurricane is barreling straight toward Puerto Rico, and it is getting stronger by the hour.

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As people in Puerto Rico prep, others have already evacuated to the hundreds of shelters open across the island.

Hurricane Maria has already turned deadly in the Caribbean.

"The rivers come out and flood everything", she said.

An entire roof was blown off this home in the village of Goyave in Guadeloupe on Tuesday. Earlier this week Maria devastated the tiny nation of Dominica, prompting the prime minister to report on Facebook, "Initial reports are of widespread devastation".

"I'm praying to God that nothing is going to happen", Ornelas said.

Boquette and her children moved inland to a friend's home 11 miles off the coast from their coastal home in Condado, where they also road out Irma. In the last message Echevarria sent her mother, she told her to stay safe, that she loves her, and that she is praying.