PS4 and Xbox One cross play silently enabled in Fornite

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Since the user's report, multiple accounts have popped up claiming similar experiences, including one in which a man took a picture of himself and his son encountering each other in Fortnite while playing different versions of the game. "We had a configuration issue, and it has now been corrected", the spokesperson said by way of official comment. For a while now, Microsoft has been completely open to it, with Sony being the roadblock when it comes to Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rocket League, Gwent and more.

Fortnite already offers cross-platform play between PC, and PS4. Conversely, Xbox gamer tags can't have underscores.

The gamer, who goes under the name PRE_-CISION-_ told Kotaku: "I noticed the gamer tag of this dude had a space in it, which was freakish". How were people able to differentiate between an Xbox gamertag and a PSN name? That person says they were playing on PS4 and were matched against someone with a name that should be impossible to have on the PlayStation Network.

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So far, Epic Games has yet to confirm or deny that it has implemented cross-console play in Fortnite. What's more is that the Reddit user switched to his Xbox One to look up zCypher Nine on Xbox's network, only to find that he/she did indeed exist there.

This was particularly intriguing, since over the past few months Sony Interactive Entertainment has proved to be quite unwilling to allow its player base to play with or against gamers on other console platforms. Sony and Microsoft are also being quiet on the subject.