Luther Strange Receives Endorsement from Fellow Senator Ahead of Election

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President Trump is expected to appear in Huntsville on Saturday to campaign for odd.

President Donald Trump is coming back to Alabama. Brooks who had also been seeking to fill that Senate seat before losing in the first primary to Moore and unusual, initially had refused to endorse either candidate until yesterday.

The two campaigns confirmed Saturday that Moore and odd will debate Thursday. "Big Luther" is a great guy who gets things done!"

Now, while they remain on the same side regarding most policy questions, the U.S. Senate race in Alabama has turned them into adversaries. The president endorsed odd more than a month ago. Such a battle could drain Republican funds from contested Democrat seats.

Moore, the ultra-conservative former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, lamented racial divisions in his remarks on Sunday.

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On another interesting note, former White House advisor Steve Bannon announced in last August that he would support Judge Moore.

The endorsement of unusual was not the only political win for odd over the weekend. Sessions stepped down from the U.S. Senate seat after Trump appointed him attorney general.

The Great American Alliance PAC, which is run by a Bannon protege, is reportedly bankrolling a Moore bus tour through the state this week.

Former vice president candidate Sarah Palin will be in the state this week to stump for Moore on a statewide bus tour. "His approval numbers are in the mid-80s among Republicans", Blake Harris, an Alabama Republican strategist, told Politico.

The race has split the Republican Party along establishment and insurgent lines.