New Hampshire voter fraud fight takes new turn

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"Our election process must be secure, fair, and transparent", said Dale Ho, director of the ACLU's Voting Rights Project, but Trump is using his "sham commission to spread the lie of rampant fraud as a Trojan Horse for voter suppression".

(To further confuse matters, the meeting will be hosted by New Hampshire's longtime secretary of state, Bill Gardner, a Democrat who also sits on the commission but who has, in the past, been skeptical of voter-fraud charges.) The choice of this location is characteristic of the incompetence and malevolence that is at the heart of the vote-suppression agenda.

"But it is legal in New Hampshire for you to have a MA driver's license, and have MA plates on your cars, and pay out-of-state tuition to the university, and still be eligible to vote because you are domiciled in New Hampshire, meaning you spend most of your nights here", he said.

New Hampshire is one of 15 states that allow for same-day voter registrations.

In the run-up to the meeting, Kobach wrote an article for the discredited Breitbart website that recycled President Trump's bogus claim about thousands of illegal votes being cast a year ago in New Hampshire. One example are students who are in New Hampshire attending colleges or universities. Such misleading allegations typify the voter-fraud campaign, because it's really a cure for which there is no disease.

Reckless, he said, because of New Hampshire's residency requirement.

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Uproar has become standard practice for the fraud panel, officially called the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. To be clear, there is no proof of widespread illegal voting or voter fraud in the 2016 election - or in any American election.

Governor Chris Sununu said the same, telling Boston radio host Howie Carr "when MA elections are not very close, they're bussing them in all over the place" - though he later walked back the claim. Experts on ethics argue that Kobach's dual roles as Breitbart columnist and Vice-Chair of the election commission could violate Federal conflict of interest laws.

Naturally, Kobach has stacked the panel of witnesses for his commission's second official meeting with fellow voter fraud conspiracy theorists, including Robert Popper, John Lott, Ken Block, Donald Palmer, and Hans von Spakovsky, to testify to the commission. Advocates feared that the move targeted communities of color. "We have high-confidence indicators of potentially fraudulent voters and ineffective oversight in some states". The entire enterprise was built on a falsehood - Mr. Trump's claim that millions of noncitizens voted in the election, a whopper so enormous and so often debunked that its continued circulation, particularly among Trump supporters, raises serious doubts about whether mere fact-checking and truth-telling can ever penetrate such a closely-held, hyper-partisan belief. Palmer, the former Virginia State Board of Elections secretary, similarly tried to hunt for supposed duplicate voting.

- Enact federal regulations that make it a felony for a voter to be registered to vote in more than one county or parish, regardless of whether they vote in more than one location on election day or not. He blamed it on an "administrative error". However, this year, another Republican, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu tightened the voter registration laws, requiring proof of residence. His employer, the Heritage Foundation, once tried and failed to find a significant amount of cases of voter impersonation. The liberal site Vox reported on studies of voter ID laws in November 2016 and claimed that "study after study has found that voter ID laws have little to no effect on voter turnout".

But here's the problem: Kobach isn't right. Already, the commission's unofficial leader has warmed up for the session by suggesting that the election in November of Sen. This, in turn, offers justification for more restrictive voting laws to address the perception the commission is helping to create.

PAM FESSLER, BYLINE: When the president's commission first met in July, Vice President Mike Pence, the chairman, had some reassuring words. It's dirty work, but someone like Kobach is more than eager to do it.