Hurricane Irma is literally moving the ocean

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Twitter user @Kaydi_K shared this video Saturday afternoon, and I knew right away that even though it looked as though it couldn't be possible, it was absolutely legit.

Hurricane Irma is creating such a stir that it is pulling water from the shorelines of some of the areas caught in the hurricane's crosshairs.

"What happened in this case was that the low pressure of the hurricane pushed down on the water in the eye and eye wall of the hurricane which is a low pressure system at at the center of the storm", Neely said in his post.

Kaydi K wrote: "I am in disbelief right now".

Hurricane Irma is strong enough to completely change the shape of an ocean.

Angela Fritz, a meteorologist and science editor at The Washington Post, wrote in a blog post that she has hear about this sucking phenomenon in the past but has never before witnessed it.

It also sucked away ocean water from the shoreline at some beaches in the Bahamas.

A man can be seen standing where the ocean would normally be. Source Twitter
A man can be seen standing where the ocean would normally be. Source Twitter

THIS was the weird moment the devastating Hurricane Irma sucked water away from Caribbean beaches in a rare phenomenon.

She posted "There is no more ocean!"

He also warned that the water will come back soon - and residents should be cautious, since the water's return may be powerful.

Fortunately, Fritz explained the phenomenon isn't a sign of a tsunami, which pull water from the shore before crashing back into it.

The wind on Long Island in the Bahamas is from the southeast to the northwest on Saturday.

So far the storm has killed at least 20 people and is due to hit Florida's mainland on Sunday morning and then move up its west coast.

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