'Mind-boggling': Only 3 percent of voters think Trump discouraged white supremacists

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A new poll from Quinnipiac University found 62% of voters say he is dividing the country, while 31% say he is doing more to unite it.

Just more than a third of American voters (35%) say Trump hasn't had an impact on white supremacist groups, and six in 10 voters (59%) say he's encouraged them. To get a number this low, you need virtual unanimity across all groups: only 6% of Republicans, 4% of people over 65, 3% of whites and 3% of independents said white supremacists were discouraged by Trump's behavior and comments.

Similarly, a majority, 71 percent, said Trump's "behavior is not what I expect from a president".

In a poll released on August 17, the president's approval rating had dropped to 35 percent.

Some 55% of American voters say there is too much prejudice in the nation and 40% say there is too much political correctness - the widest margin for prejudice since the question first was asked in June 2016.

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In a poll earlier this week by USA public radio and television networks and Marist University, 62 percent of respondents said the statues should not be removed.

Also included in the poll, half of the voters oppose removing Confederate statues from public spaces, while 39 percent support it. Twenty-nine percent, however, disagreed with this statement.

American voters disapprove 60 - 32 percent of Trump's response to the events in Charlottesville.

A considerable majority of U.S. voters do not believe President Donald Trump is behaving the way a president is expected to behave and are concerned, a new George Washington University Battleground Poll revealed on Thursday.

The poll surveyed 1,009 registered voters nationwide August 13-17 and included a protocol for reaching mobile phone users.