How to watch today's SpaceX rocket launch

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SpaceX launched and recovered its Falcon 9 rocket on 24 August - its 12th successful launch of the rocket this year.

A Falcon 9 rocket lifts off carrying a Taiwanese satellite. The event will be streamed live.

The booster then landed on a SpaceX barge in the Pacific Ocean - the ninth successful first-stage recovery for SpaceX this year.

But getting Formosat-5 aloft was the main point of today's mission.

And this is actually good news for SpaceX as a business, as much as Musk may love to cultivate his relationship with the media.

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SpaceX has been working to flawless its system of recovering rockets for reuse in future missions, saving millions of dollars in costs.

But Spaceflight canceled that plan after the Formosat 5 launch faced years of delays in the aftermath of two Falcon 9 rocket failures that combined to ground SpaceX's fleet for almost a year. It is the first satellite which is developed and designed by Taiwan's National Space Organisation in a bid to enhance country's self-reliant space technology capabilities. SpaceX has already launched rockets that have returned to Earth multiple times, thereby demonstrating their reusability. After many years of delays, SpaceX had instead arranged for the satellite to be launched as a co-passenger alongside Spaceflight Industries' first SHERPA launch, an orbital tug and dispenser that would have placed approximately 90 satellites of different sizes into unique orbits. SpaceX, during the launch webcast, declared the launch a success. 11 minutes 19 seconds after launch, FORMOSAT-5 was deployed into mission orbit.

Speaking to the press after FormoSat-5's launch, Chen said the experience with the mini-satellite would serve as a foundation for the development of FormoSat-7.

Several others were rebooked on the next Sherpa adapter flying on a Falcon 9 next year.

The next launch is scheduled for early September when a SpaceX rocket will loft the US Air Force's X37B spaceplane.