Rocket League for Switch Gets Sweet New Mario & Luigi Cars

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Psyonix, developer of the award winning Rocket League, have revealed that Battle-Cars will be coming to the Nintendo version of Rocket League as an exclusive. The "Mario" and "Luigi" Toppers (hats) can be used on any non-licensed customizable Battle-Car, while the "Super Star" Rocket Boost can be used with the "Mario NSR" and "Luigi NSR" cars. Depending on your team, you'll play as one or the other. The "Mario NSR" shows up only in the Orange Team while the "Luigi NSR" appears only in the Blue Team.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch will receive exclusive cars styled from Nintendo IPs with "Mario NSR", "Luigi NSR", and "Samus' Gunship". The same is true for the "Samus' Gunship" Battle-Car, arriving with two designs based on different Varia Suits of Samus Aran.

United States sweeps the four-balls
We've been using mantra bands all week and tonight I'll give my team one that says: "She believed she could so she did". Their opponents, Carlota Ciganda and Caroline Masson, pulled all square on No. 14, but the US won the next two holes.

Furthermore this new edition of Rocket League will feature The "Mario" and "Luigi" Toppers on any vehicle, the "Super Star" Rocket Boost for the Mario and Luigi cars and the "Wave Beam" Rocket Boost for the "Samus" Gunship'. The idea of Rocket League on the go is what makes the Switch a great platform. A Wave Beam Rocket Boost is exclusive to Samus' Gunship version. Though both vehicles are FREE on Nintendo Switch, players will still need to unlock them in-game by completing certain requirements.