How to tell if you damaged your eyes during solar eclipse

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Dr. Weed said the Spokane Eye clinic has seen an increase in phone traffic after the solar eclipse and said if anyone has concerns with their vision, they should schedule an eye exam with their doctor to be properly diagnosed.

Danny Cunningham tweeted: "The biggest surprise about the solar eclipse is how many of my friends are surprised that their eyes hurt now". Doctors say if you did mild damage, you may not have known until today.

Chou recommends seeing an optometrist rather than an ophthalmologist if you suspect your eyes have been compromised.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Children were looking up at the sun as well. It's just a duplicate of whatever the sensors see, and there's no danger in that.

What might someone's symptoms be if they didn't use any filters and looked at the sun? "Basically they've got this center spot in their vision that is intensely blurred". It might not be until [the next] morning when they wake up and realize that they can't see that well. Common symptoms are blurry, dark spots that appear in your vision. Around it, there might be some clear spots.

Direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation even for a fraction of a minute can be enough to overwhelm the photoreceptor cells lining the back of the eye.

What should someone do if they're anxious there could be damage?

Staring at the sun can damage your eyes
Staring at the sun can damage your eyes

According to Live Science, a study in Turkey after a 1976 eclipse found that any symptoms or damage still present 18 months later could last at least 15 years.

If you looked into the sun for a long period of time (which, why would you do that?), you may not notice any effect until 12 hours after viewing the eclipse. One way to check your vision: the Amsler Grid, which detects blurred vision or sun damage.

Most patients his team has seen so far "have not had any permanent issues", Deobhakta said. It's not even safe to look through conventional sunglasses, a smartphone, binoculars or a telescope, Rao said in a university news release.

The retina is the third inner layer of the eye - it's the light-sensitive part that helps your eye develop and project an image of the world as you look at it. It is very painful and feels like a corneal abrasion or scratch on the eye. But if you're anxious enough about your exposure to seek medical help, the visit should be covered under your health insurance.

If you took a quick peak at the sun, you weren't the only one.

So how do you know if your child has damage?

If you want to view the eclipse but don't have glasses, Buehler has two bits of advice: Build a pinhole viewer with two paper plates or ask nicely to borrow someone else's glasses for a few moments during the event. "I have a good shot of the eclipse". So, wow. It was great.

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