OJ Simpson to walk free from prison

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Bisbee and the three other members of the board returned and each cast their vote in favor of granting Simpson parole.

Simpson faces release as early as October 1, after serving nine years.

After being in Nevada State Prison since being convicted of a dozen charges in 2008, Simpson came up for parole on Thursday in front of a national television audience.

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But Simpson's sense of being the big dog on campus hasn't been dimmed by almost a decade in the slammer.

He and a group of five others stormed into a hotel room to confront two sports-memorabilia collectors and seize items that he claimed belonged to him from his career.

The panel said they had received hundreds of letters in support of - and against - his release. In the late 1960s, Simpson starred at the University of Southern California, earning the Heisman Trophy.

"I've spent nine years making no excuses about anything ..."

"I've basically had a conflict free life", said Simpson.

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"I wish this never would have happened", he said.

Simpson, who appeared on video conference from the Lovelock Correctional Center, was seated next to his attorney Malcolm LaVergne, daughter Arnelle Simpson, sister Shirley Baker and close friend Tom Scotto who was also the victim of the robbery that testified on Simpson's behalf. "And I know in my heart that he is humbled throughout the situation".

She added: "He is remorseful, he truly is remorseful". "This has been really, truly hard".

Keast said: "We just don't want anyone trying to make a name for themselves". At the 2008 trial, Fromong suggested The Juice serve one to three years. Bruce and O.J. were longtime friends before the robbery. I would never, ever pull a weapon.

As the commissioners were going through the logistics, one said O.J.'s age was incorrectly listed as 90-years-old. "Whatever we can take from him will be a measure of punishment".

Olsen said, "I will always remember the blood".

Simpson, 70, presented himself to the parole commissioners as a family man who has missed dozens of his children's birthdays while behind bars and a devout Christian who has led an essentially "conflict-free life". I mean it's unbelievable.

Simpson clearly touched, nodded his head as tears welled in his eyes.

The commissioners said they did not take into consideration the notoriety still surrounding Simpson's 1995 acquittal from charges of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.