Google Glass Enterprise Edition is here

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Google Glass is making a comeback, two years after the augmented reality spectacles were shelved by the company.

Now the new Enterprise edition targets "workers in fields like manufacturing, logistics, field services and healthcare", who require information and instruction while their hands are busy. Google said it has worked with over 30 experts over the past two years to build customised software and business solutions for Glass for people in such fields. It was criticized for its cumbersome design and poor battery life.

Some of these businesses have adapted to the use of Google Glass so well they have made massive reductions in production time. Kothari said GE estimates that using the headsets has improved its engineers' efficiency by around 8-12%, and reduced the number of errors made when overhauling these complex machines.

For an idea of Glass' new lease on life, Google points to Agco, a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment.

Aside from GE, the Glass team have also been working with more than 50 companies, including the likes of AGCO, DHL, and Volkswagen. Hit the link for more details.

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With these new developments, Google Glass has evolved from a wacky fashion accessory to a practical technology device that provides real results.

"Now the Glass product team is back at X, and we'll be collaborating with the Google Cloud team and our partners to help customers across a variety of business sectors make the most of Glass", said Kothari.

Google Glass was a very hotly watched product before it was effectively shelved from public view in January of 2015, since then Google X, or X as it's now known under parent company Alphabet, has been re-working it as a tool in the enterprise space. Glass Enterprise Edition comes with upgraded hardware that's lighter and more comfortable to wear. DHL uses an application called Ubimax to "receive real-time instructions about where items have to be placed on the carts with the help of visual aids".

Google Glass is back, with a focus squarely on business use cases for the wearable device.

Gizmodo also says medical professionals have also streamlined their work as the glasses reduce the need for paperwork by around 20 per cent, giving them "much more time with their patients".