'Mission: Impossible' actor Martin Landau has died, aged 89

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According to Deadline, the actor died on Saturday night following unexpected complications after a brief stay at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He also won Best Supporting Actor in 1995 for the film "Ed Wood".

Martin Landau in the Mission Impossible TV series.

Those predictions would come true, with Landau winning his first and only Oscar for playing Lugosi.

Landau was a highly decorated actor with three Golden Globe Awards and one Oscar to his name.

"Mission: Impossible", which also starred Landau's wife, Barbara Bain, became an immediate hit upon its debut in 1966.

He received another best supporting actor Oscar nomination for Woody Allen's 1989 morality fable "Crimes and Misdemeanors" in which he played murderous ophthalmologist Judah Rosenthal. Years later, he taught at the group's second location, in West Hollywood, CA, the Actors Studio West. In 1994, Landau worked with Burton to produce one of his most prolific roles yet - as Lugosi in Ed Wood.

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Later in his career, Landau played characters on TV show Entrourage and had just shot a role in the Cory Cataldo's Without Ward.

Once a newspaper cartoonist, Landau later took Hollywood by storm. Most recently he appeared in "The Last Poker Game" with Paul Sorvino, which screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, and in "Remember" for director Atom Egoyan.

Brooklyn-born Landau landed his breakthrough role as Leonard in Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 thriller "North by Northwest".

During the episode, Landau told stories about his early days as a struggling actor in New York City studying under the legendary Lee Strasberg and roaming the streets of the city with the likes of James Dean.

Landau and Bain had two daughters, Susan and Juliet. The couple divorced in 1993.

His director, Howard Weiner, told WENN, "Martin asked a lot of questions and wanted to know if he was going to have to take off his shirt, which he doesn't, but he's an incredible actor and I established trust with him and he was game".