Man stuck in ATM feeds 'help' notes through receipt slot

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The contractor noticed that the ATM machine is still working and customers were stopping to withdraw cash. In case you wondering if this is true, it absolutely is!

Corpus Christi police spokesman Lieutenant Chris Hooper told The Washington Post the routine maintenance worker had left his phone and a device needed to open the door from the inside. He had been apparently screaming for help but the design of the room makes it basically sound proof so customers would barely be able to hear him. "Please call my boss" through the receipt slot.

The contractor, who has not been named, became stuck after being sent to change a lock to a room that leads to the back of the cash machine, local police said.

Of course, most clients ignored the note since it seemed like a recipe for a prank, but one concerned customer approached the police with the odd story - and handwritten note.

Now, while most of us would panic like f*ck and think "great, this is how I die", he decided that by hell or high water, he was getting out of the machine.

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When officers arrived on scene, they could hear a faint voice coming from the ATM. "It's got to be a joke", said Olden. "Please call my boss..." one read. Police ended up having to kick the door down in order to get him out.

The man assured the police officers it was anything but.

"So everybody's OK, but you'll never see this again in your life", said Olden.

Finally someone did but not before it had been about two hours since the man started writing the note.