International, US Non-state Actors Advance Climate Action

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This time, he's teaming up with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to launch "America's Pledge", an initiative to compile all of the climate change-fighting commitments of states, cities, businesses and universities in one place where they can be easily tracked and shared.

So far, seven states, including California and New York - the country's second and ninth-largest energy-related emitters- have signed on to the coalition, as well as 227 cities and counties and more than 1,600 businesses. This set of options, which will highlight the significant levers available to states, cities, and businesses to further reduce USA emissions, will serve as a playbook for enhanced ambition among US climate leaders who are committed to meeting America's commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Signees must commit to a number of efforts to combat climate change, including calling for emission reductions at the federal level, developing or updating a local climate action plan and regularly reporting a municipal inventory of greenhouse gases.

Almost 300 mayors, representing 60 million Americans, have also committed to adopt, honor, and uphold the Paris Climate Agreement by becoming Climate Mayors. The analysis, led by the think-tanks World Resources Institute and Rocky Mountain Institute, will compare that effect with business-as-usual scenarios, as well as the Obama-era Paris commitment.

In the buildup to pulling out of the Paris deal, Trump claimed that the agreement was bad for jobs and the American economy, calling it "draconian" and "unfair to the United States at the highest level".

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The nationwide plan, named America's Pledge, may be the beginning of concrete, organized action taken in response to President Trump's announcement to withdraw the United States from the Paris accord, the landmark global agreement to fight climate change.

Within hours of Trump's actions in early June, cities, states, and businesses announced their intention to stick with the Paris Accords, with more than 350 mayors pledging action, and numerous organizations and states also announcing their intentions via organizations such as We Are Still In. Last weekend, the G20 Leaders' Declaration took note of the Trump Administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, confirming that "it will immediately cease the implementation of its current nationally-determined contribution" while underscoring that "the Leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible". "This is demonstrably not an issue that can be addressed by national governments alone".

"In the USA, emission levels are determined far more by cities, states, and businesses than they are by our federal government - and each of these groups is taking action because it's in their own best interest", Bloomberg said in a statement.

The overwhelming majority of Americans, including those who voted for President Trump, support climate action, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.