Australia ready to do a trade deal, Malcolm Turnbull says

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Once Brexit is achieved, we look forward to speedily concluding a free trade agreement.

"We took the name "Liberal" because we were determined to be a progressive party, willing to make experiments, in no sense reactionary but believing in the individual, his right and his enterprise, and rejecting the socialist panacea", Turnbull said.

"The UK and Australia remain close address the shared global challenges we face", May said.

During a speech in London on Monday (UK time), Mr Turnbull highlighted the importance of the "sensible centre" - a phrase first used by his predecessor Tony Abbott - and went on to claim the LNP was "not conservative".

Speaking during the news conference, Mrs May said a trade deal with Australia was a priority for the United Kingdom to build on the £14bn-worth of trade between the two countries post-Brexit. In what was widely seen as a swipe at his right-wing internal dissenters, the Prime Minister said ideology was a "very poor guide to policy" and the party's focus should be on results.

Mr Wells, unhappy with a number of government policies such as changes to superannuation and the recently legislated Gonski school funding plan, has made a decision to join Senator Bernardi's Australian Conservatives and said he thinks others may be considering it too. "Because our country is plainly not working as it should".

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"You can expect both PMs to commit to strengthening the strong and historic partnership that we have".

"Your post-Brexit Britain will be a Britain with big horizons, big opportunities, free trade, open markets. that is the future, that is where our prosperity has been delivered and I know that is where your prosperity in the future will come", he said.

This demonstrates the foolishness of betting the house on trade deals which may not happen for years, when the Government is committed to quickly pulling us out of the single market and the Customs Union, a combination of which gives us free trade across the European Union and trade deals with over 50 other countries.

The Borough Market only recently reopened after the June 3 attack, in which eight people were killed and nearly 50 wounded.

But Mr Kennett said he was so disillusioned about the state of the party under Mr Turnbull that he wanted to drink whisky before 9am.