Prison worker fired after SC inmate escapes using drone

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He got an 18-hour head start. He had four cellphones with him and an ID card, State Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel said.

Jimmy Causey, 46, allegedly used wire cutters to break through a fence at the Lieber Correctional Institution in Ridgeville on Tuesday.

"We believe a cell phone was used to facilitate and give this inmate the resources to escape".

After his first escape, Causey was transferred to a supermax prison, the most secure type of correctional facility, but was later relocated.

Prisoners have previously been caught receiving items from others that are delivered via drone, and now one prisoner has topped them all: he managed to escape from a maximum-security prison in sc thanks in part to a drone.

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The suspected use of a drone to get wire cutters to Causey raises other concerns for state prison officials. "Now, the courts have said they have to have a path out, and it has to be a meaningful path out".

Stirling said the state is spending millions to install netting at prisons to prevent people from throwing things over, but confessed that won't stop drones.

"If someone leaves the South Carolina Department of Corrections and tries to escape, we will hunt them down and look for them until we find them", Stirling said. Officers realized he was gone around 2 p.m. July 5.

'Everyone who assisted him -we intend on bringing them to justice as well, ' Keel said. He's now serving a life sentence for kidnapping his former attorney at gunpoint over the belief that said attorney did not do enough to defend him-which led to prison sentences in the 1990s-basically the plot to Cape Fear. They were found in a hotel room in Jasper County, S.C. two days later after a woman delivering them a pizza recognized them. The FAA has attempted to curb drone misuse via mandatory registration, but that is only necessary in certain circumstances and depends on the drone operator following the law...which a prisoner smuggler certainly won't do. Another man is serving a 15-year sentence after officials found a crashed drone outside a maximum-security institution in 2014. Whether the prison has anti-drone technologies in place is unclear.

Keel said Causey was armed with a pump shotgun, a second firearm, about $47,000 in cash and more than one cell phone.