Modi, Xi not to meet at G20

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China is approaching towards Bhutanese territory.

The flashpoint is the contested border region of Doklam in Bhutan, which is claimed by China as part of its Donglang region.

"As for the arrangement of the bilateral meeting (at G20) between President Xi and Prime Minister Modi, I have to point out that recently Indian troops trespassed into China and obstructed normal activities of Chinese troops in Doklam region", said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang.

The ownership of the area at the tri-junction of Bhutan, India and China is yet to be decided. This not only added to the biggest problem in the India-China relationship, which is the trust deficit between them, but seems to have added to China's insecurity. It also said that the Chinese "look down" on the Indian military, and India will "suffer greater losses than in 1962" in case of a conflict.

Sikkim was a kingdom until 1975 and became India's 22nd state. Any threat to the Chicken's Neck is a threat to India.

Sources have said the Indian and Chinese governments have been in touch over the tension, but the announcement by China's Foreign Office today suggests a hardening of its stand.

According to experts, the naval might is being exhibited by China to send a message to India, US and Japan, who are conducting a trilateral military drill in the Indian Ocean, beginning from July 10. There is an understandable degree of disquiet in India over the fact that the current standoff is the longest between security forces of the two countries after 1962.

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China's state-run media had yesterday quoted Chinese analysts as saying that Beijing would be forced to use a "military way" to end the standoff in the Sikkim if India refuses to listen to the "historical lessons" being offered by it. In order to add some muscle to its bullying China has sent a submarine to the Indian Ocean.

"We have strong evidence to prove that Doklam belongs to China". In the recent years they have opened up corridors of access to Bangladesh, but that seems to be limited to economic relations.

India and China have vied for influence in South Asia, with Beijing ploughing large sums into infrastructure projects in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Sources said there is no immediate plan to either deny or put on hold security clearances to the Chinese firms that have applied.

"India has startling control and oppression over Bhutan, and as a result, Bhutan has not established diplomatic ties with its neighbour China or any other permanent member of the UN Security Council". The Indian border troops must pull back its border troops unconditionally and immediately. It will have to be China that must back down. China would not risk a full-fledged war.

Last week, Chinese defence spokesman Colonel Wu Qin told that the trials of the tank, reportedly weighing about 35 tonnes, were taking place during military exercises. Besides, the Chinese economy is not in too good a shape.