Republicans & Democrats at odds when it comes to trustworthiness — Trump v CNN

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The vast majority of Republicans believe Donald Trump is more trustworthy than CNN while nearly all Democrats believe the opposite, according to a new poll.

In a dig against its own relevance, the Marist/NPR poll found Americans on both sides of the political spectrum have little trust in opinion polling.

Independents also sided with the Democrats overall, with CNN coming out 15 points ahead among those surveyed.

Even as Trump has, at times, attacked the CIA along with the FBI investigation into his campaign aides' possible collusion with Russian Federation during the election, 40 percent of Republicans say they have a good amount of trust in the intelligence community, with 19 percent saying they have a great deal of trust in them. When Marist conducted a similar poll in 2011, 42 percent of respondents could not name the year the US broke away from Great Britain. About 50 percent of adults covered by the survey trust CNN versus only 43 percent who trust the president. It comes as Trump continues to label CNN as a "fake news" outlet. Against ABC/CBS/NBC, the difference was even higher at 11 percent in favor of the three broadcast networks, Axios reported. The same figure among all Republicans was a still impressive 84 percent.

In a July 2009 poll, taken the same amount of time after Barack Obama left office, 35 percent said it had gotten worse, 42 percent stayed the same and 21 percent improved.

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33% of Republicans say they get their news only from Fox.

However, Republicans alone showed a similar trust in Trump when compared to those news channels.

A poll done by Gallup in June 2016 found confidence in American institutions such as Congress, big business, newspapers, television news, and the criminal justice system all in the teens and single digits. Sixty-four percent of adults polled don't approve of the president's Twitter behavior, with 47 percent describing his tweets as "undignified", 34 percent describing them as "mean", 26 percent saying they're "entertaining" and just 7 percent calling them "presidential".

On the other side, 89 percent Republicans consider Trump more trustworthy, while just 9 percent of them share this thought about CNN.