Sean Spicer angrily confronted by CNN reporter during tense off-camera press briefing

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He campaigned in part by attacking the national news media as hopelessly biased, both against him and the voters who see mainstream media coverage as demeaning or dismissive. Melissa McCarthy has also mocked Spicer's intensity in multiple "SNL" skits, further popularizing the briefings. To think that we're going backwards and not having things on camera to me is just preposterous. But there is something enduring about a commitment to the public's right to know and the obligation of the White House to tell.

In a new era of pre-dawn tweets by the chief executive and myriad changes in media technology, we recognize that numerous traditions of presidential communications may change. "If it doesn't change then people will be surprised". The discussion between Sean Spicer and various members of the press, including Acosta, about the lack of televised briefings begins around 28:22. "It's a crisis. The least you can do is turn your camera on".

Later, a reporter asked about the "drastic shift" in the way briefings are handled as reporters piled on Spicer. "I think we found that it wasn't really necessary".

"There appears to be no more substance in Spicer's answers when the cameras are off versus when they are on". "Can we get this out of the way?"

And, while your blood pressure may be rising as you read this assault on the fourth estate, let it be known that you don't have shit on CNN's Jim Acosta, who is fucking lit about this no-cameras stuff! "And so we look forward to hearing what they have on their minds and figuring out what we can do to finally replace and repeal Obamacare".

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Still, the decision to block filming only compounds bigger existing issues between the White House and the press, Kennedy said.

Washington watchdog organization Common Cause called out the White House press office on Tuesday for refusing to allow broadcasting of the daily briefing session with the media. "Talk to the camera and that voter in MI, talk to them directly".

The White House Correspondents Association also has objected to the press restrictions.

You can listen to the audio of yesterday's press briefing below. "It does more harm than good". Can you just give us an answer to that?