Beyond Good and Evil 2 Shows off Beautiful In-Engine Game Demo

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The game is introduced by creator Michel Ancel as merely a work-in-progress tech demo but it already looks pretty unbelievable, and has a surprising focus on spaceships.

I know we have a lot of folks excited about Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Ubisoft is sharing some in-engine footage from the upcoming game.

Through interviews throughout the show, it became evident that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was barely in production, with the game's creative director for Ubisoft Montpellier declaring production on the game was on "day zero".

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The demo begins on the player's mothership. He used the monkey character in a jetpack as a base, showing it in comparison to a smaller 20-meter spaceship, the larger 400 meter mother ship, and then next to a massive 700-meter tall mystical elephant statue. We didn't get much more than confirmation through a cinematic trailer, as well as the promise that it would be a large-scale game with spacecraft in an era before Jade had ever been born. I think you will notice one of the game's fanbase sitting in front of the display.

The video is labeled as an "early in-engine tech demo" so what is showcased may not represent the final product. "It's a work in progress (not super polished - so bear with us), but please have a look and give us your first impressions on or in the forums". Especially as you get a free drinking mini-game if you take a sip of squash every time he says "space monkey". He also described some of the physics involved and how it impacts speed in atmosphere and in space.