White House to Roll out The "Red Carpet" for Modi

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Shri Modi highlighted his meeting with António Guterres, who owas also the former Prime Minister of Portugal.

The instruments for cooperation were signed in Lisbon this evening in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Portugese counterpart Antonio Costa.

After Modi arrived in Lisbon, he also visited The Champalimaud Foundation, which is a leading cancer research and treatment centre in Portugal. It will be a four day trip, where Modi will stop at the US for two days and meet the US President Donald Trump for the first time after he assumes office.

The highlight of Modi's four-day three-nation visit will be the USA leg as Modi will be meeting president Donald Trump for the first time on June 26 in Washington.

Bakshi said that the Prime Minister's first visit was more of a social event as he had just been elected.

Ford added that given the uncertainty surrounding the Trump administration's Asia policy, and in particular, US strategy in South Asia, Modi will also want to remind Trump of the significance of the US-India strategic partnership and of the US commitment to long-term stability in Afghanistan.

The country's foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj, later dismissed Trump's remarks as "completely not true", and Modi has made it clear during recent meetings with European leaders that the country will stay the course on its commitment with or without the United States.

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Indian Trade Secretary Ria Teaotia told reporters this week the H-1B visa program, under which Indian IT firms send large numbers of professionals to the United States, would be one of the one issues on the table during Modi's visit.

"They create jobs", - these kind of defence deals create a lot of jobs here in the US.

He will head towards US afterwards where he will meet US President Donald Trump. "I will discuss with PM Rutte as to how the two sides should work to further harness the synergies", Modi said. "You have effortlessly gelled with the culture of the country you have been", he said.

He said Portugal has historical ties with India, but a special one with Gujarat and narrated the story of Kutch sailor Kanji Malam, who helped the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama discover the sea route from Europe to India in 1497. "We're certainly eager to deepen the strategic partnership with India", he said. We see India's role and influence growing.

"This is an ongoing process, and we will continue to do it, as long as we continue to find skilled people".

Last year, India submitted a request for 22 Guardian MQ-9B unmanned aircraft for maritime surveillance as part of a deal worth about $2 billion.