After weeks of secrecy, US Senate to unveil healthcare bill

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In the same bill, provisions were added to punish Russian Federation for its support to the current Syrian regime, annexation of Crimea and its alleged interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

Paul is not one of the 13 senators chosen by McConnell to draft the bill. "That is not what this Republican Senate was sent here to do".

"This bill is like a vampire", Ben Wikler, Washington director at, told the Guardian on Tuesday.

Spicer added, "And as the Senate works its way through this bill ... any ideas are welcome to strengthen it, to make it more affordable, more accessible, and deliver the care that it needs". Behind closed doors, he also called the measure "mean", CNN reported.

"The state is going to have to come up with an exorbitant amount of money in order to provides services", Manchin said. For Trump and Republicans to save face, "it has to get done". While they can spend more money on certain areas, they still have to hit the $133 billion marker. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., was replaced by Republican Scott Brown, costing Democrats their 60th Senate seat - the number of votes needed to end GOP filibusters aimed at killing the legislation.

How in the dark is the President?

Three House committees voted on that chamber's version of the bill and there were a handful of hearings before the House approved a revised version of its legislation last month. Trump, it's widely acknowledged, is not.

What if the CBO score is as bad or worse than the House bill?

Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria
Iran on Sunday launched missiles into eastern Syria in response to an attack on its parliament and a shrine in Tehran by ISIL militants.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have none of it.

How things change. Today, McConnell is the majority leader, and he is overseeing a massive rewrite of US health care law. "All credit and all blame stays in the Senate", the aide said, adding this political reality: "This gives the President cover, in a sense, if it fails".

There are plenty of examples of bills that were essentially written, or had their final details completed, in private settings.

"I've told [McConnell] unless I have the input from my constituents, unless I have got the information I need to justify a yes vote, I won't be voting yes", Johnson told Cuomo.

"It depends what's in the bill", Cruz said when asked if he could support it.

The White House has said it is committed to existing sanctions and has not taken a formal position on the senate bill.

Brady said that he believes the problem can be fixed by the Senate, which may have to find a way to vote on a different version of the bill, even as Senate leadership tries to clear the decks of major items like health care reform and raising the debt ceiling. In a 50-50 tally, Vice President Mike Pence would cast the tie-breaking vote.