Gingrich: 'The President of the United States cannot obstruct ju

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Mueller also once helmed the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

So, the fantasy that didn't occur is now being replaced by - by the way, technically, the president of the United States can not obstruct justice.

Should now be clear Mueller is the "anti-Trump special counsel".

The former House speaker wrote that Mueller "is setting up a dragnet of obstruction, financial questions and every aspect of Trump's life and his associates lives".

'The president of the United States is the chief executive officer of the United States. "So now the newest one is, 'Ah, but there was obstruction of justice over the collusion'".

He also seemed to accuse the United States deputy attorney general of pursuing a "witch hunt".

The former speaker tweeted Thursday that Mueller was 'clearly the tip of the deep state spear aimed at destroying or undermining and crippling the Trump presidency'.

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But he did not cite any specific DOJ rules, although he continued to refer to an established set of policy as if it existed . Kamala Harris " hysterical ", implying that the comment was sexist. " She was interrupted for asking tough questions".

Following Comey's testimony last week, when he alluded to the Mueller investigation that already likely included a probe into obstruction of justice, a number of Trump's top conservative boosters began pointing out flaws they saw in Mueller and his investigation.

"If he fires Mueller, I will tell you, we are right on the brink of a constitutional crisis", the IL senator said.

Gingrich's observations also came amid news reports of President Trump added another high-powered lawyer to his personal team and Vice President Mike Pence had hired his own personal lawyer.

Gingrich on Friday said he has warned the president and Trump's aides of just how serious the current investigations are.

"You have to look at this and recognize, they're going to get somebody", Gingrich told Hannity.

Gingrich said he has cautioned many in the Trump administration about the seriousness of the current investigations.