PM returns home after negotiating with Saudi King

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Qatar is on the nose with all of its neighbours - over alleged links to terrorism - and a group of them have effectively refused Qatar Airways from using any of its neighbours' airspace that could ground the carrier.

Qatar's only land border connecting Saudi Arabia was shut on Monday leaving the otherwise bustling area looked deserted.

The Foreign Office of Pakistan while expressing deep concern over severing of ties with Qatar by Saudi Arabia and its allies had reiterated that Pakistan will play its role to unite the Muslim states.

The other two nations in the six-member Gulf Co-operation Council, Kuwait and Oman, have maintained diplomatic and commercial ties with Qatar. Qatari officials met Monday with Ethiopia's prime minister and Saudi officials visited the Ethiopian capital over the weekend.

A senior counter-terrorism adviser to Qatar's foreign minister has hit out at the diplomatic squeeze on Doha by several Gulf states, calling it a "policy of domination and control".

Qatar Airways has called on International Civil Aviation Organisation, a United Nations body, to declare Arab measures against Qatari air traffic as illegal.

Qatar's Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said Monday that the country's government still has "no clue what are the main reasons behind all these measures". Qatar said the official news agency which reported the comments was hacked - and on June 6, USA officials told CNN that USA investigators believe Russian hackers were behind it. Al Thani has visited multiple European countries in recent days seeking diplomatic support.

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"The king of Saudi Arabia, as leader of the Gulf, should solve this issue".

Iran and Turkey have also already shipped food to Qatar.

In April, Qatar Petroleum's President and CEO Saad Sherida al-Kaabi told The Associated Press that Qatar and Iran "have an excellent political relationship" as well as an "excellent technical relationship".

Qatar has also appealed to worldwide aviation authorities to rule as illegal the overflight ban imposed on Qatar Airways by its neighbours, and has briefed lawyers to challenge the flight and other restrictions in the courts.

Iran has sent five planes each loaded with 90 tonnes of food to Doha airport in an effort to relieve the impact of the blockade imposed against Qatar by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, according to CNN.

The Saudi comments were in reaction to remarks by Qatar Airway's chief executive that the kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were violating global law by shutting out Qatari flights.