Trump keeps up criticism of Germany

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"Very bad for U.S. This will change", Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

Martin Schulz, leader of the center-left Social Democrats, told reporters Trump was "the destroyer of all Western values", adding that the USA president was undermining the peaceful cooperation of nations based on mutual respect and tolerance.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe "must take its fate into its own hands" Sunday as the US and the United Kingdom are looking after their own interests.

Merkel today repeated that Europe must "take our fate into our own hands" and went on to say that it should step up as a diplomatic player on the worldwide stage.

Fresh from a meeting in Brussels with the leaders of the Group of Seven largest economies, Trump fired yet another tweet salvo at a longtime USA ally, sharply attacking Germany's trade and spending policies.

The eurozone's big three economies, Germany, France and Italy, are sharply at odds with the United States over climate change, the future of worldwide trade and the management of mass migration.

Merkel last week had said that reliable ties forged since the end of World War II "are to some extent over".

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The Trump administration has also taken Germany to task for what it sees as a "weak euro" policy; German officials have countered that the European currency is managed by the European Central Bank, not by individual member states.

But on Tuesday, Merkel reiterated Germany's relationship with the of "outstanding importance".

According to German media, he called the country "very bad" because of its trade deficit with the U.S. Ignore that German auto makers have invested in building USA plants with large employment, or that their cars sell well because we like them. Last year, German imports made up about 5 percent of US vehicle sales.

"The United States are older and bigger than the current conflict", he said, adding relations would improve. "In other words, the accounts balance".

It's unclear exactly how Trump plans to change trade with Germany.

"We live in a globalised world and India.Is a partner", she said.

Both Merkel and Gentiloni stressed that a more prominent leadership role for Europe did not necessarily mean any less cooperation with the United States. "This is the basis for a sea change in global power".