Intel Reveals Intel core i9 Features, Speeds & Feeds

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The new X-series chips will start at $242, going all the way up to the aforementioned $2,000 Core i9. There are other variants all the way up to $599 with 10-core / 20-thread model.

The users have a range of options to choose from like the Core i5-7640X having 4-core to Core i5-7640X that has 10-cores.

Turn to for more coverage around Intel's new Core X platform. 'This is by far the most extreme desktop processor ever introduced.

Intel announced their entry to the race of ever-increasing core count, as the company unveiled its new family of processors for desktop builders called the Core X-series. Of note, is the new Intel Core i9 series, and the 18-core Core i9 Extreme Edition.

The Core i9 family has four lower tiers of processors, ranging from 10-core to 16-core versions with prices that increase $999 to $1,699, respectively.

The prices for most of the new models in the Core X series are likely high enough to limit the market to enterprises and all but the most dedicated gamers and design enthusiasts.

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The Intel i9-7980XE is priced at $1,999 as the system takes on AMD's soon-to-debut Rysen 9 Threadripper CPU. "And, we are announcing updates to Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0", Intel added.

Bryant also said i9 processor represented "the highest performance for advanced gaming, VR and content creation". The Intel Core i9 7980XE, in short simple words, is a beast.

Aside from the Core i9 X-series processors, more variants for the Core i7 X-series will also be coming, and these ones will be aimed at a more reasonable price range.

Full details about the Intel X-series processors and the X299 chipset on which they will run can be found in Intel's slide deck (PDF warning). This family includes Intel's first teraflop desktop CPUs, a prime example of just how much raw compute these processors can handle. These 7th generation Core processors were hailed as the fastest Intel chips at that time and are now widely available for consumers looking for cutting-edge performance from their computers. It is the first day of the event and Intel has already displayed the World's very first 18-core processors for consumers.

Compared to regular Ryzen, Threadripper offers a lot more high-end features like I/O and memory bandwidth on top of having more cores.