Nintendo's theme park unveiled... little by little

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As we see in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), on May 24 Super Nintendo World has been registered, while on May 27 it was accepted.

It looks like Nintendo has thought of everything if this trademark filing is to be believed.

It was previously reported last year that Super Nintendo World would be debuting in Universal Studios parks worldwide, and last week a trademark was filed that hints at some details included in the new Nintendo lands. It was unlikely Nintendo and Universal would name the park after WiiU game Nintendo Land, but it would have also fit.

There are a ton of other possibilities besides that too, although it's important to note that a trademark application is more thorough than it probably needs to be, meaning that Nintendo won't necessarily act on everything they mention in the document. The legal filing could be a hint that things are ready to progress.

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The trademark goes on to suggest that these shows and special events could include an "arrangement of motorcycle events and other events with vehicles".

Now, this could mean any number of things., but the specific reference to kart racing can really only mean one thing. Nintendo just released a deluxe version of Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch, and the Mario Kart franchise traces its origins back to the Super NES. We're about to get a chance to do some Mario-style kart-racing.

The Nintendo rides are expected to open in Universal Studios Japan in 2020, with little else known about either of the American counterparts.

New details outline potential attractions for Universal Studios' Orlando, Hollywood, and Osaka parks.