New Overwatch Hero Teased in Horizon Lunar Colony Lore

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Overwatch is still in the midst of anniversary celebrations, but that's hardly stopping Blizzard from dropping new teasers.

In a new post, Blizzard includes several screenshots documenting correspondence between colony staff just days before the facility lost contact with Earth. In a series of emails between scientists at the Horizon Lunar Colony, we get a few hints about who Overwatch's next hero - or villain - might be. (Winston was, of course, one of these test subjects.) The colony went offline when the gorillas rose in rebellion, and all contact ceased soon after. While little is described about what Hammond actually could be, it is mentioned by Zhang that they regret having "smaller test subjects".

A character by the name of Zhang hints that it was a bad idea to have a specimen that was smaller than all the others, so it's unclear whether Hammond is a young gorilla or some other species of Primate.

Blizzard Teasing Something New For Overwatch, Possibly A New Gorilla Hero And Map

As the lore dictates, the Horizon Lunar Colony was established on the moon by Lucheng Interstellar for the sole objective of space exploration. The station housed gorillas as part of an experiment to determine the effects of "prolonged habitation in space". As you can see, Winston isn't the only specimen to be missing.

Though it's equally likely that a new Overwatch playable character is being teased. Kaplan could, however, be referring to new maps coming to Overwatch.

Given the fact that Overwatch's lore exists only in blogs and trailers rather than-against all logic-a campaign mode, casual Overwatch fans would be forgiven for not immediately recognizing the import of the Horizon Lunar Colony.

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