Startling video shows sea lion snatching girl from pier

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But within a split second the sea lion then leaps from the water and grabs the little girl by her white dress before pulling her in backwards, with her legs flapping in the air.

Throughout most of the video, the sea lion can be seen raising above the water line, perhaps surveying the girl and other bystanders. Eventually the sea lion got pissed off and snatched the girl by the dress to pull her into the water.

The sea lion does not reappear as the completely drenched young girl is led away by relatives.

Trites said that while sea lions are not considered risky, the lesson to be learned from this is that they are wild animals and you should "keep your distance". The little girl sat on the side of the wharf and the next thing you know, she's in the water. Stellers Sea Lions, which can get even larger, also populate the area.

Crowds had gathered at the docks to look at the sea lion who was surfaced in the water below. He is able to promptly retrieve the girl, who leaves quickly with her family; Fujiwara describes them as "pretty shaken up".

The incident captured on video is a first for Steveston, Baziuk said, but the harbour authority has long had signs posted all around the area warning people not to feed any of the animals, including the sea lions.

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"If you feed the animals like this, you're asking for trouble", he said.

People in the video were feeding the animal and "taunting" it, which is a huge no-no, he said.

The killer sea lion can be seen coming out of the water and grabbing the girl by her dress to pull her back in. They are not circus performers. It just got too close to people because they were feeding it.

The first part of a now-viral video shows a sea lion swimming near a dock in Steveston, a seaside community on Canada's western coast.

He thinks we can all learn something from this: "Keep your distance". "All I saw was an animal that was calm, curious and hungry", he said.