Google poised to roll out arsenal of services, gadgets

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The company envisions a world in which incredible photos are no longer left on people's phones because other pressing things in life got in the way.

Even though smartphones have transformed daily life for millions of people, these gadgets' daily lives are sometimes woefully short thanks to battery limitations and the fact that some apps (cough cough, Facebook, cough) are notorious power hogs. Google will also let you share whole photo libraries with others. For example, a couple could decide to share all photos they take of their kids, or pet iguana. The former sees Google Home gaining new smarts so it can offer better contextual advice. But going forward, you'll be able to stream music from any of your services to a Google Home.

Finally, you'll soon be able to check on reminders and set new ones (!), while also managing your calendar as early as today.

Robot vacuums have allowed humanity to reach never-before-seen levels of laziness, but iRobot is taking that one step further with Google Home and Google Assistant compatibility for all of the company's wi-fi-connected robovacs including the Roomba 980, 960, and 690. It's kind of a weird thing for Google to get involved in (and the photo albums look awfully generic), but hopefully Google will continue to build on what they've started here.

Developers will have some idea of what to expect from Android O thanks to a developer preview, but other news is expected on Google Assistant and Google Home, the chocolate factory's competitors to the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

The report says that it will be presented as a "free, standalone app" that can be downloaded from the App Store.

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Both assistants can be summoned with a press of a button to answer questions, manage schedules and handle other routine tasks. It's essentially a super-powered version of Google Goggles that does way more than just do a search based on what you take a photo of.

Google announced a "Lens" feature for its Assistant app that will tell you information about what's in front of your phone camera - what type of flower you're looking at, info about the restaurant across the street, etc. The chip is designed specifically for machine learning and has been propping up the swanky artificial intelligence in Google Translate, Google Photos and the likes. Pinterest has a similar tool too. It will host popular applications, like Google Maps and Spotify, but also control auto features like seat positioning and temperature.

In any case, the annual developer conference Google I/O 2017 is an important event for Google.

With a major focus of Android Things on helping developers build production-ready devices that can be brought to market, Google is releasing a series of production samples showcasing hardware and software designs working together.

Google Assistant, company's AI-based voice assistant will now be available for iPhones. Some of the unveiled products won't be out until later this year. When Amazon launched a competing offering previous year, Shutterfly shares slumped more than 10 percent in a day.