Volvo Partners With Google For Android-Based In-Car Tech

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These three are able to integrate more deeply into their respective platforms, at least more than third-party apps.

Recent updates to Google Home, which allows users to access Google Assistant, offer support for additional features.

Google Assistant was launched with the Pixel smartphones in 2016, and the company plans to roll it out to other smartphone manufacturers as well.

Google's AI will be used to enable a new feature in Google Photos, the creation of physical photo albums.

Expect a confirmation one way or the other by the end of the week. We can still take it as a rumour and wait for Google's official announcement. This is more than a rumor at this point due to the fact that everything has all but been confirmed by Google. Assistant is reportedly going to be launched as a standalone app for iOS. The thing about it is that Google does often enjoy trying out these new expansions within the United States first. We can't wait to see all these new features.

Simone Biles wows with perfect scores but is voted off
After last week's frustration regarding the Dancing With the Stars judges, Simone Biles has returned successfully this week. As soon as host Tom Bergeron announced Biles was out of the competition, the look of shock waved over the crowd of faces.

Of course, Google Assistant is hardly the only rivaling personal assistant to make its way to iOS.

So yes, something IOS users can be really happy about.

Around 7,000 people are expected to attend the annual Google I/O developer conference, being held at the firm's headquarters in Mountain View, California, from tomorrow until Friday. Google is also improving its assistant. For now, we can say is that Assistant will be available for IOS users in America. Are the Android Automotive apps differing from Android Auto?

Google's artificial intelligence software is already inside Android phones, smart speakers and watches. Other customer advantages alongside shorter update cycles include a significantly greater diversity of services as well as broad worldwide availability. "I do not think we have anything to announce at this point", Hafsteinsson said at the time (translated from Dutch).

Thanks to the rate at which digital technologies are developing plus the crucial importance the smartphone now plays in the average person's daily life, the auto as we know it is simply a short trip away from becoming a rolling computer or a handset on wheels.