'I blew it': Warren Buffett laments missing out on Google

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Buffett shared some similar thoughts on the bill at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting on Saturday. He also said rising health care costs, rather than high taxes, were the biggest drag on US businesses.

Buffett also called rising medical costs the "tapeworm of American economic competitiveness", claiming it has been health care expenses, as opposed to high corporate taxes, that are holding companies back.

- Buffett also faulted Wells Fargo executives for not acting quickly enough when they found out about problems involving the creation of fake customer accounts at the bank. "The moment the C.E.O. heard about it, he had to act".

Yet Buffett and Munger stood by Wells Fargo and other Berkshire investments, including United Airlines and Coca-Cola.

Buffett says the country's huge population and rapidly growing middle class is too big to ignore.

The two major tech companies in which Berkshire holds stocks are Apple and IBM. Berkshire announced Friday that it had sold one-third of its stake in the struggling technology company.

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"We'll do well by getting US$10.2 billion (RM44.16 billion) today, with a maximum payout of US$20 billion" between "now and Judgement Day", Buffett said.

But 3G has been frequently criticized for its ruthless cost-cutting measures, including layoffs.

The Oracle of Omaha is bullish on Apple's flagship iPhone product. Munoz has since "apologized many times, but your first reaction is going to get a lot of attention".

Berkshire Hathaway has previously said it was willing to do share buybacks, but dividends would mark a huge change of heart from just a few years ago, when Buffett had opposed a shareholder proposal calling for Berkshire Hathaway to start paying them. "Autonomous vehicles widespread would hurt us", the 86-year-old investor said.

He said some of Berkshire's industrial units saw upticks in business this year, as have credit card companies such as Visa Inc V.N and American Express Co AXP.N , a longtime Berkshire investment.

Berkshire vice-chairperson Charlie Munger, who was also answering shareholder questions during the annual meeting, agreed with the assessment.