Cornyn considers Federal Bureau of Investigation role, some lawmakers caution against picking a partisan

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President Donald Trump and Texas Sen. He was made acting director of the agency after Comey was sacked.

All four will be interviewed by Sessions and Rosenstein, the two top officials in the Justice Department.

Reports indicate he was one of a growing list of candidates, along with Fisher, Garcia, and McCabe, who were interviewed over the weekend.

However, Mr Malone said even if this is the case, the Senate may block Trump's nomination.

"This demands a serious down-the-middle investigation", the Democrat said of the Trump-Russia question. Trump also is looking at former Rep. In the aftermath of Comey's dismissal, Cornyn said Trump was "within his authority" to fire him and said it would not affect the investigation of possible Russian ties to Trump's presidential campaign.

After the news broke of Comey's ouster, Graham said he supported the move.

Cornyn is no stranger to the law, but his legal background is as a state judge (San Antonio district, 1984-1990, then the Texas Supreme Court, 1990-1997) and prosecutor (Texas Attorney General, 1998-2002), rather than an investigator.

Cornyn, the Senate's No. 2 Republican leader, is one of two notable politicians said to be in contention, along with former Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican and former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. While Cornyn's term as whip ends next year, he would still remain an influential senior senator with a term that runs through 2020.

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And if Patrick were to succeed Cornyn in Washington, the members of the Texas Senate would select his successor until a new lieutenant governor was elected in 2018.

It was not immediately clear who would replace Cornyn at the ceremony.

In an online appeal for signatures, she said that "Cornyn and his political party create and support policies that cause harm to marginalized communities".

"What I want people to realize is that this is our commencement", Trevino said. But Democratic strategists have already put senators on notice they would hold their feet to the fire in voting against Cornyn.

"We can make a fast decision", President Trump said. Texas Southern University in Houston was nearly put in a similar situation, but the students shut that down.

"I think the world of John Cornyn, and he would be a great choice in normal times, but we're not living in normal times", Sen. But more than 800 people signed a petition to protest the school's decision to invite Cornyn to speak.

Adam Lee, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Richmond, Va., office, was the latest to join a roster that is expected to balloon to as many as a dozen names.