McCarthy's Spicer embraces Baldwin's Trump on 'SNL'

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After such a busy news week, and with the White House press operation especially in the spotlight, there was plenty of anticipation ahead of Melissa McCarthy hosting "Saturday Night Live".

"Let me just put this whole Russian Federation thing to bed". Rumors are flying that Spicer might be fired and replaced with FOX New's Kimberly Guilfoyle, not to mention that Spicer was caught hiding in the bushes last week during the media storm surrounding the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

When asked if Trump would fire him, McCarthy's Spicer said, "He wouldn't do that".

"Sometimes, we don't have an opportunity to get in to see him to get his full thinking", he said.

"I tape whoever I want, whenever I want".

SNL made fun of old people and their conversation skills with a new product called Amazon Echo Silver. "When you're president, they let you do it". Like Baldwin, McCarthy has effectively turned into an honorary cast member, thanks to her Spicer.

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When she did, she jumped in whole hog, hiding in the bushes before storming the White House press briefing and spraying a journalist with a fire extinguisher over taunts of "Liar, liar, trousers on fire". "I should fired him". With the actual Spicer rumored to be on the way out the door despite his willingness to flat-out deny reality on a daily basis, McCarthy's Spicey can only succumb to the fate of all those who'll eventually learn what serving Donald Trump really entails. He used his "Russian dollies" to show there's "no Russian thing", threw a pillar at inquisitive reporters and said Trump was innocent because the president said so. He went through the inner dolls - a dog symbolizing Comey, a villain symbolizing Hillary Clinton, Slimer symbolizing Steve Bannon, and an Easter Bunny symbolizing Jess Sessions.

"Is this like The Godfather when you kiss me and no-one ever sees me again?" asks Spicer.

Melissa McCarthy's acclaimed portrayal of the haphazard press secretary emerged from the bushes on "Saturday Night Live" to claim the throne in President Trump's press briefing room, before having his fragile reality come crashing down. In fact, another famous Washington impersonator took center stage - Alec Baldwin reprised his "SNL" role as President Trump.

Anticipation for the latest skit on Saturday (13 May) had grown throughout the week when McCarthy was seen filming on the streets of NY.

The testy Spicer then shoves Sanders away from the podium, taking on questions from the press himself.

After a spate of guest appearances mocking White House press secretary Sean Spicer in recent weeks, she was back on Saturday's edition of the NBC satire show to preside as host.