Bernie Sanders Can't Stop Laughing At Trump's Health Care Confession

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During the much anticipated meeting that took place between US President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the ever conservative Trump surprised many when he said that Australia's health care system is "better" than the US.

It was apparently simple chit-chat, pleasantries spoken from one world leader to another when Mr Trump told Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in NY on Thursday night that "you have better health care than we do".

Australian and USA officials were breathing sighs of relief after the two leaders seemed to enjoy each other's company.

"The President was complimenting a foreign leader on the operations of their healthcare system and it didn't mean anything more than that", Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said.

By contrast, House Republicans' Obamacare repeal bill, whose passage Trump celebrated earlier Thursday at the White House, would cut back Medicaid funding in part by repealing a tax on wealthy Americans' investments.

"You have better healthcare than we do", Mr Trump said.

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"Thank you Mr. President", Sanders said. "Let's take a look at the Australian healthcare system, and let's move - maybe look at the Canadian healthcare system, or systems throughout Europe".

Mr Trump's perplexing comment came just hours after the US House of Representatives approved a Trump-backed bill to eradicate former president Obama's signature healthcare law.

During the meeting, Trump promised the AHCA would bring "fantastic health care" to millions of Americans now suffering under Obamacare. "ObamaCare is dead! But our healthcare will soon be great", Trump tweeted on Friday.

"Let us move to a Medicare-for-all system that does what every other major country on the earth does - guaranteed healthcare to all people at a fraction of the cost per capita that we spend", he said during the MSNBC interview.

The senator added that the Democrats would use Trump's comment against the GOP during congressional debates, stating "We'll quote you on the floor of the Senate". "We reaffirmed the tremendous friendship between the United States and Australia and the vital importance of our security and our alliance". It's built on millions of people-to-people ties. The premiums are going to come down very substantially. "This involves cooperating to fight ISIS and other terrorist groups, and shaping a more peaceful Asia-Pacific, including by addressing the threat posed by North Korea", it said.

In the USA, the new Republican bill will significantly cut the amount of government support for Medicaid, which provides healthcare support to some U.S. citizens.