And he could become Fox News' worst nightmare

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"The O'Reilly Factor" had been the top-rated cable news show for the past 15 years.

During the interview on TheBlaze's "The Glenn Beck Program", O'Reilly said, "This was a hit".

While pundit Kirsten Powers says that O'Reilly once joked about her blonde hair, neither she nor anyone else ever sued him over such comments. He also claimed there's a "crew" that "terrorizes sponsors" and "pays people to say things", which was his way of saying that the accusations against him are ... bogus?

After O'Reilly told Beck he "couldn't get specific", because "there's a lot of legality here", suggesting that lawsuit might be forthcoming, Beck asked if he'd "come on" and explain what he meant, or if it would "be explained in other venues".

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He insisted that he would reveal very "soon" who had targeted him and worked to remove him from the air by going after his advertisers.

Bill O'Reilly is not taking his dismissal from Fox News lying down. It's grossly dishonest. I did what I thought I had to do to protect my family, but those days are over. "It's not going to happen to me anymore".

"Conservative media outlets are circling the former Fox News Channel ratings king in the hope of creating a potent competitor to Fox News Channel", said the New York Daily News.

"My attorneys told me, and we were all shocked". And it appears that O'Reilly is aware of that - and using that fact to deflect responsibility for his role in his own firing. I felt bad not only for me and my staff, but for the viewers and listeners because they really had no idea what had happened. This will be a "big, big story", he said, but the "left-wing media" will probably "downplay" his vindication. But I'm not going to say anything more than that", "O'Reilly said. "I've gotta do it in a way where we don't make any mistakes, and we will".