Majority Of Americans Say Trump Not Keeping His Promises

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More than half of registered American voters do not believe President Donald Trump has thus far kept his campaign promises, according to a survey released on Monday.

The subsequent failure of the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare has raised some questions about Trump's ability to follow through on his campaign promises.

The poll also found that people are now less likely to see him Trump a "strong and decisive leader", as someone who "can bring about the changes this country needs" or as someone who is "honest and trustworthy".

The Gallup survey coincides with heightened global tensions that many believe contradict the "American First" non-interventionist platform Trump campaigned on. Marist's Friday poll had the billionaire at 39 percent approval, 49 percent disapproval.

Several more moderate GOP lawmakers, including four of the five representatives from New Jersey, objected to the Trump-backed health-care bill, helping seal its defeat. The percentage who think he is a "strong and decisive leader" also took a big hit, falling from 59 percent to 52 percent.

Since February, perceptions of Trump's other attributes have also become more negative.

A Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans think wealthy people and corporations pay too little in federal taxes.

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A majority of Americans in a new poll says that corporations and upper-income individuals do not pay enough taxes. Among those who disapprove of Trump, 35% said in February that he keeps his promises; only 11% say so now.

Still, the drop is higher among groups of voters who disapprove of Trump than his supporters, with the largest drops among women, Democrats and 18-to-34-year-olds.

Most Americans have viewed Trump unfavourably since before his inauguration and continue to do so almost 90 days into his term in office.

President Trump isn't keeping his promises, a majority of Americans feel.

Of course, the numbers for that characteristic could still shift for Trump as his presidency continues.

The president's latest approval rating was around 40 percent from April 5-9 compared with 42 percent two months ago.