The 'Girls' Finale Is Unconventional and Not Totally Satisfying

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So let's have a brief debrief, courtesy of the mind behind GIRLS, Lena Dunham herself.

The best GIRLS episodes are usually the ones that take us out of the show's typical universe, like "The Panic in Central Park", "Tokyo", and "One Man's Trash". Shosh is getting married, for Christ's sake.

Marnie swoops in, like she so often does, with a grand master plan that can't possibly go wrong. This time, the baby latches on, and the episode - and series - ends on a tight shot of Hannah's face as she finally makes the connection she'd been yearning for. You have a woman who hasn't been able to figure out these certain areas of her life, yet still takes on this incredible challenge is something that's really appealing and it also doesn't have to be neat and tidy. "Latching" makes it tough to find that sweet spot in its first third, which is all Hannah and Marnie being bad to each other despite the best intentions. The show still gave Hannah a kind of golden parachute though, with a job in academia that there is no way (as every think piece told us last week) that she would be offered or even remotely qualified for (and even if she was, it wouldn't even exist with those perks and allowances). More than she ever loved Adam. Marnie reads off instructions from a book, but Hannah doesn't want her help. Marnie is in the waiting room.

Q: Speaking of, "Get Out" is your first movie role. However, Hannah reminded Marnie that she wasn't breastfed, yet she grew up to be an awesome woman.

The problem is, this show isn't about Hannah. It's her coming to terms with how it's really hard sometimes, but she will survive it, even thrive, just like Grover will. That episode took place nearly entirely in Joshua's brownstone, a two-hander between Dunham and Wilson, and it was such a different environment from the space-saving starter apartments of Hannah and her friends, it felt a world apart from the rest of the show.

I'm not sure what exact shape it will take, but I'd be willing to bet it will have to do with her trademark brand of white women making mistakes and learning from them with a kind of transparency that may or may not conflate honesty with exhibitionism.

The finale flashed forward five months, and Grover - Hannah's baby with one-night-stand Paul-Louis - had entered the world and was causing his mom a fair amount of stress.

But, she just decides: "This is my baby". Marnie, of course, ignores her until Hannah screams at her to shut up. The girl tells Hannah how she ran away because her mother was trying to make her finish her homework, and Hannah is infuriated by this, asking for her trousers back and explaining that her mother doesn't want to tell her to do her homework, there are a million other things she would rather be doing - but that is her job.

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On a nighttime walk, Hannah encounters a runaway teen.

She then went on to thank producers Jenni Konner and Judd Apatow and her co-stars Zosia Mamet, Andrew Rannells, Adam Driver and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who played her ex-husband Desi.

When Hannah's mother Loreen shows up, she provides a stunning wake-up call and a whiplash-inducing side-by-side comparison. She realizes it's time for her to move on with her actual life.

"But", he continues, "whether or not Hannah should have become a mother, "Latching" has a vision, true to her character, about how she would have become a mother". Assuming the teenager had been assaulted or something equally grave, Hannah hands over her trousers and talks the girl through her tears. Marnie drives her home from the appointment, convincing her not to give up.

Meanwhile, Marnie was busy struggling with her situation.

"The only thing grosser than a jazz trio would be, like, a jazz quadrangle". This results in some silly sequences, like when she has one-sided conversations with her little son about how he won't latch (for example, she calls him unoriginal for rejecting her boobs) or when Marnie instructs her to fold her nipple like an envelope. The sound of Grover suckling runs over the end credits, along with bits of Hannah singing "Fast Car" to the kid.

"Girls" ended last night with a pitch flawless half-hour, one that, with a small plot and a minimum of characters, spoke to some of the deepest themes of the six-season HBO series.

In season six, episode 10, titled "Latching", Hannah Horvath was finally forced to grow up in the show's finale.