Out on the hustings: Campaign taking BC leaders outside the Lower Mainland

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To generate new revenue, the party wants to increase corporate taxes as well as income taxes on the top 2 per cent of earners and introduce a new speculation tax.

Extra taxes for corporations and B.C.'s wealthiest citizens will help fund affordable child care and commuter relief promised by the BC NDP, the party says.

"Instead of attacking the mayors the way the premier has, (Horgan) says as premier he would work closely with the mayors in order to develop a plan for the long term that reduces congestion", Darcy said.

The New Democrat's announcement came just after the Liberals said they would cap bridge tolls to $500 per year for drivers in a bid to attract drivers in the Surrey and Delta ridings.

The party says it plans to make good on a promise to offer renters a $400 rebate, but there will be a threshold based on monthly rent.

"If they're not paying taxes in British Columbia, they're not growing our province", Horgan said.

The soaring cost of home ownership has been a high-profile issue in B.C., and the provincial government has responded by creating several policies aimed at curbing real estate prices, including a 15 per cent buyer's tax on non-Canadians and non-permanent residents.

Stockholm attack suspect tried to join IS in Syria
The Uzbek government had known that Akilov encouraged others to go to Syria to fight for Islamic State, Kamilov said. According to reports, he had left a wife and four children behind in Uzbekistan in order to earn money to send home.

"Our new spends on capital will lead to a one per cent increase in our debt-to-GDP ratio, which will still leave us in the same league as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba".

De Jong says the NDP's plan "is not possible" unless one of two things happen: "an operating deficit, or massive tax increases", adding it's not sustainable and can not co-exist with a balanced budget.

"For the people who are drawn to the chant 'We're number eight, ' Mr. Horgan has presented a blueprint for getting there", he said.

"It's the platform of a party that has had experience in government and wants the opportunity to do it again and is not going to oversell and is not going to make ridiculous goals that can not be kept", he said.

- Leader Christy Clark pushed her party's jobs and economic growth platform, promising tax breaks for new companies and more seats in science and technology education programs.

"It was in part because we believe collectively in supporting those who have less", Clark said.