Christian pilgrims commemorate Good Friday in Jerusalem

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By accepting Jesus, His death on the cross and His Resurrection from the grave as your personal Savior you can have the peace and mind of Christ as He transforms you into the you He intended for you to be. believe the word of God!

For some time, staff at Southern Illinois Worship Center have been preparing for Resurrection Day - Easter - the day when their average attendance increases by 40 to 50 percent over a typical Sunday turnout. Faith leaders in Cairo came together on Good Friday to carry a cross through parts of the city to bring attention to the upcoming holy weekend and Resurrection Sunday and held an ecumenical worship service.

Many of our readers will observe the holy days of Easter beginning today - Good Friday - which was once considered important enough that most schools and many businesses didn't open their doors. That's good news for a hurting world.

Today, April 14, is Good Friday. In other words, we live with this belief and the hope that no matter how hard things are for us, God will ultimately turn them into our best interest. There are still battles to fight, and there will be until Jesus returns.

Easter Sunday is all here and we all loves to celebrate it after the eve of every financial year. God is more powerful than all of the forces of evil. “But I know my saviour lives and I rejoice to share in His suffering.”. How can people living in the 21st century believe in something so fantastic?

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They've planned messages that they hope will help them better understand what the Resurrection message is about, in age-appropriate formats, said Melissa McKinnies, senior pastor at the church in Herrin. Who knew Jewish people were practicing ritual washing long before Christian baptism was created?

We're back in Israel this week, exploring the land of the Bible and marking the celebration of Jerusalem's two biggest holidays of the year.

And let's make this clear.

Easter is about forgiveness and new life, breaking barriers. They would not have done so for something they knew was a lie. Therefore, when Jesus came how could they really believe He was the fulfillment of all that God planned?

From the earliest days of the Church, the cry was and is “Christ is risen!” — to which the answer is “He is risen indeed!”. According to renowned evangelist Billy Graham, both are equally important and equally necessary, because without Christmas, there would be no Easter-and without Easter, Christmas wouldn't matter. Philippians 2:1-5 tells us to have the attitude of Christ by having a tender compassionate heart, to work together loving one another in one mind and one objective, not to be selfish or attempt to impress others but to think more of others than ourselves.